Safety and Planning

Our educational mission is our highest priority, which requires that we focus on safety and wellbeing of our students and campus community. While the university is committed to protecting the safety of members of the campus community, it is also committed to maintaining an environment that fosters free speech and expression, and to taking appropriate action to prevent and address discrimination and harassment. 

University Preparation and Response

The university has a Demonstration Education & Safety Team whose charge is to plan for and observes events to balance freedom of speech with safety while also minimizing disruption to university operations. The team engages with organizers to remind them of our policies and procedures, observes events, and takes appropriate action as necessary. 

More about the Demonstration Team

Event Planning and Management

Organized demonstrations and protests should follow university policies and procedures for the safety of participants and community members. Key resources to planning events and meeting expectations include:

Personal Safety and Support

As an institution, we strive to have a campus community where faculty, staff, and students feel comfortable and welcome. The University of Oregon has multiple support options for students, faculty, and staff. 

Support and Assistance Resources